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How To Guides: The Clever Dripper

Video Guide for How to use the Clever Dripper
Lovely steeped filter coffee: immersion and drip together

Great tasting coffee hand-crafted with the Clever Dripper

The Clever Dripper is as easy to use as a cafetiere, but is easier to serve, and easier to clean.
The unique mechanism of the Clever Dripper, gives the opportunity to serve the coffee at the right moment in the coffee making cycle.

It utilises the Direct Immersion brewing method, and has the patented Amazing Shut-Off System which makes serving coffee really Clever!

How to make coffee with Clever Dripper 1

-Place the Clever Dripper on its coaster, pop in the filter, and choose your coffee.

How to make coffee with Clever Dripper 2

-Wet the paper with boiled water: removing any paper taste.
Discard the water, into a mug by placing the Clever Dripper directly onto the mug: this will warm the mug.

-If you're grinding your own coffeee: weigh your coffee beans (appx 15g per 250ml cup) and get grinding.

How to make coffee with Clever Dripper 3

-Place your ground coffee in the Clever Dripper Filter, and add water upto required level.

-Use c250ml for each cup: the large Clever Dripper sold by Artistry Coffee can hold 500ml for 2 cups.

-Stir the grounds with a bamboo paddle (or other implement) so all the coffee is well distributed.

How to make coffee with Clever Dripper 4

-Then: leave the Clever Dripper for around 2.5 to 3 minutes to brew the coffee (much in the same way a French Press/ Cafetiere does).

-Ensure the lid is placed on top of the device to hold in the temperature during this time.

How to make coffee with Clever Dripper 5

-At the end of your 2.5 to 3 minutes timing, lift the Clever Dripper and place directly onto a mug.

-It's best to remove the lid at this point, to allow the coffee to flow freely. The brewed coffee will pour through the Amazing Shut Off System valve which will have opened.

-Lift the Clever Dripper: the flow of coffee will stop automatically. Then place directly onto your second mug to serve the rest of your coffee.

How to make coffee with Clever Dripper 6

-When you're done, sit down and enjoy your coffee!
The Clever Dripper should be used to serve directly into a mug at the end of the 2.5 to 3 minute brewing process to ensure the coffee does not over-do (over extract) and become bitter.

-The Clever Dripper is really easy to clean: far easier than a Cafetiere - simply remove the filter holding the grounds and place into the compost bin, then rinse a cycle of hot water through the Clever Dripper.

This guide does not replace manufacturers instructions - please make sure you familiarise yourself with the manufacturers instructions before using.

a CLEVER DRIPPER coffee maker.

Craft Delicious Coffee at Home !